Falling Walls Venture


Falling Walls Venture is an international forum for outstanding science-based start-up companies, venture capitalists and strategic investors as well as they’re wider academic and business environment. Twenty leading academic institutions and venture capitalists present their most outstanding science-based enterprises to an audience and a distinguished jury. Falling Walls Venture takes place every year on 8 November, the eve of the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin. In 2017, the event was held in the British Embassy[i].

Alga life was nominated to join the Falling Walls Venture Berlin 2017 by the Science and Innovation Park UAEU. A startup that is enrolled in the prototype to market incubation program. Alga life’s mission is to provide people who are seeking for organic and eco-friendly alternatives with algae-based, biodegradable products at low-cost. Currently, Alga life team is developing an eco-friendly alga – based ink for laser printers. It’s an alternative solution to the toxic petroleum-based ink.

The startup has been selected to be one of the finalists of Falling Walls Venture 2017 in Berlin. The venture received so many exciting applications from start-ups all over the world, with both excellent scientific backgrounds and innovative ideas and Alga life has been one of them.

[i] http://www.falling-walls.com/venture/about



The venture was held on three continues days. The Falling Walls Venture Lounge: The judges met with the startups to introduce themselves, exchange Ideas and make connections to expand professional network. The Falling Walls Venture: Startups pitch their idea to the judges and the audience to gain feedback to improve and get connected to the right people who can help take their startup to the next level.  The Falling Walls Conference: identify trends, opportunities and solutions for global challenges and discover international breakthrough research, connect outstanding researchers from different disciplines and support the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas internationally and build bridges between business, politics, academia and the arts[i]. Each day a new experience was shared by others and a new Idea to improve was gained on both personal and professional level. The Co-founder and CEO of Alga life had the chance to present the startup in five minutes to an approximately 200 audience from diverse backgrounds. The startup won a special mention from the Jury for the outstanding pitch delivered with energy, passion and confidence. Link to the Pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-xExwR3IXA

The preparation for the pitch was conducted with the help of Mr Patrick Liebl one of the best speaking and speech writing coaches. Continues practice and feedback were provided to deliver an outstanding pitch for the audience. Mr Patrick has contributed much time and effort to achieve this goal. It was an unforgettable pitch as mentioned by the audience and the jury of the Falling Walls Venture. I and Dr.Nihel received much positive feedback from the audience about how excellent the pitch was delivered over the three days of the conference.

[i] http://www.falling-walls.com/conference/about