The  Problem

Why are there campings to stop people from smoking and not from printing? Because both of the activities can cause “cancer” as stated by the British Daily Telegraph. The current ink toners are made from carbon black that contains the same ingredient found in cigarettes known as the tar. It is one of the cancer-causing agents as classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

And even though It causes you cancer, you pay a lot of money to buy ink toners per year. Our team has been meeting schools, we came to know that in each year a school buys 160 black ink toners for 34,000 Dhs per year.


The solution

The truth is that ink toners are harmful and expensive. That’s why we want to replace with ink that is made of something that is green and smelly. It can grow in the ponds and is able to power jets. Algae. We from Alga life convert the green algae into ink toner that can be used in laser printers. Why algae? Because algae just need three abundant resources to grow fast and at low cost: Sun light, CO2, and water from your drain. It feeds on carbon dioxide to produce the oxygen we breathe every day and contributes to lower the amount of CO2 in the air by 10% compared to 3% by land plants. And finally: ink made of Algae is absolutely harmless because it is 100% natural.  We are currently in the phase of making our first prototype and conducting research.